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Step One

Market Analysis

During Market Analysis, Pubvendo will identify the target audience for your book from 8,000 demographic, geographic, and psychographic data points. Once we’ve identified your target audience we’ll use data tools to trace their digital path to discovery of your book.

  • How does your target audience find similar books via search?
  • How does your target audience find similar books via website referrals?
  • How does your target audience find similar books via social media?
  • How does your target audience find similar books via website display?
  • How does your target audience find similar books via Amazon and Goodreads?

We’ll find out. And we’ll deliver an actionable, data-packed market analysis report and dataset detailing our entire campaign strategy.

Step Two


Our primary objective is to drive audience traffic for your book to a buy button—usually on Amazon. Our very close secondary objective is to do so in a way that gets the attention of Amazon’s merchandising algorithm. During the optimization phase of our campaign, we’ll make sure Amazon has everything needed to merchandise your book while improving discoverability on Google, Amazon, and beyond, including:

  • Amazon Retail Page Elements
  • Amazon Keywords
  • Amazon Categorizations
  • Amazon Author Profile
  • Goodreads Page Elements
  • Goodreads Author Profile
  • Goodreads Lists
  • Website SEO
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Social Media Optimization
Step Three

Social Media Advertising

Pubvendo’s social media advertising campaigns are designed to get the word out about your book to an audience of high-probability book buyers and to drive them to a buy button—usually on Amazon. Leveraging best of class tools and methods previously unknown in book publishing, Pubvendo will develop a social media creative and audience targeting strategy unique to your book and your brand—and we’ll run every element of the campaign on your behalf. You can sit back while we:

  • Create your social media networks
  • Design highly-engageable social media content for your book and brand
  • Publish all social media content on your behalf, subject to your approval
  • Advertise book promotion content to a narrowly defined core audience of high-probability book buyers
  • Grow your social media followers
  • Achieve outsized reach into your target audience via outsized engagement
  • Achieve outsized click-through to eCommerce for your book at low costs per click
  • Achieve outsized ad value relative to ad spend—we average 12x ad spend to ad value
  • Curate an audience of the highest probability book buyers
Step Four

Earned Digital Media

Different from a traditional book publicity agency, Pubvendo is hyper-focused on getting your book reviewed and promoted on niche websites within virtual communities frequented by your target audience. At high speed and low cost, we convert 10%-20% of our outreach to coverage on websites averaging 500,000 monthly website visits—and we’ve been known to land coverage on traditional media websites too. Throughout our digital Earned Digital Media campaign for your book, we’ll be looking for:

  • Book Reviews
  • Author Interviews
  • Op-Eds and Guest Posts
  • Book Promotion
  • Book Giveaways
  • Speaking Engagements
Step Five


Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re obsessed with analytics. At the heart of any successful digital campaign is outsized performance. We constantly measure our engagement rates, click-through rates, costs per engagement, costs per click, ad relevance scores, ad value, and conversion rates, and we provide actionable reporting every step of the way.

Step 6

Author Coaching

An intensive training and coaching for authors interested in adding significant horsepower to their digital brand and activities before, during, or after Pubvendo’s campaign. Authors can expect to spend an hour per day with a Pubvendo author coach learning everything about creating engageable social media content, growing followers, and promoting themselves and their books to new audiences.