To support independent booksellers during these challenging times, Pubvendo has joined the #SaveIndieBookstores campaign. To do our part in this effort, Pubvendo will leverage the millions of impressions and link clicks generated through our digital campaigns to promote online book purchases from indie bookstores via

As indie bookstores face unprecedented challenges to their brick and mortar stores, #SaveIndieBookstores is an effective way to close the gap and ensure these treasured institutions are not lost.

We invite you to join us in taking the below steps to support them. An action of support is as simple as posting links to with supportive messaging:

Actions You Can Take to Support Indie Book Sellers: 

  • Pinned Posts: Pin one social media post promoting book purchases from indie bookstores.
  • Organic Posts: Begin publishing organic social media content encouraging readers to buy books from indie bookstores.
  • Paid Posts: If you’re publishing social media ads, promote books via outbound links to the book product page on

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