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What You Get

Pubvendo's Author Launch Box includes...


Pubvendo will deliver a custom digital strategy report and audience dataset breaking down:

  • Your Audience Profile
  • Optimization Instructions for your website, Amazon, and Goodreads pages
  • Earned Digital Media targets based on where your audience hangs out online
  • Social Media Audience Targeting Parameters for reaching your audience
  • Social Media Content & Creative Strategy based on your audience profile
  • Social Media Hashtag Strategy based on hashtags your audience uses and


Pubvendo’s video training library teaches you how to put your tailored digital strategy into action. We breakdown training videos into individual components teaching you how to execute your custom digital strategy and be your own digital marketer.



Your own Pubvendo author coach to help you bring it all together through 6 hours of 1:1 individualized coaching, addressing any pain points and ensuring by the end of the program you are empowered to do everything we do everyday for our publisher and author clients.



But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


Here’s what authors have to say about Pubvendo Author Launch

I came into Pubvendo Author Launch knowing very little about how to promote and sell my book. I’ll be honest—I also came in with some resistance, as I usually feel uncomfortable with self-promotion. Fortunately, with the fun, informative and supportive guidance of the Pubvendo team. I not only learned how to effectively promote my book and coaching offers in multiple ways, I learned how to turn marketing into something that felt authentic, positive and even pleasurable to do. I cannot speak highly enough about the effectiveness of this program and how much it’s helped me become a sophisticated and enthusiastic promotor of my book and life’s work.

Gail HudsonFeminine Empowerment Coach, New York Times bestselling writer, author of upcoming memoir "How to Kill Your Sex Life"

At some point, indie authors learn that selling books takes as much work as writing them. Pubvendo Author Launch teaches you to think like a marketer and gives you the tools to connect with readers. They help you define who you want to reach, and they give you concrete, hands-on methods to reach them. The hardest question for most authors is, "What specific steps do I need to take to get from where I am to where I want to be?" Pubvendo lays it all out for you in precise detail, so that YOU become the expert, and they'll even hold your hand along the way.

Andrew DiamondAward-winning author of "Impala" and "The Friday Cage"

Josh and the Pubvendo team were a dream come true for me as an indie author. After self-publishing my first book, I felt overwhelmed and lost when it came to marketing. The videos in this program are jam-packed with so much great information that I watched them several times and will return to them often. I appreciated the fast pace - no time to get bored or impatient! The delivery style of the coaching sessions was friendly and fun but highly focused and individualized. I left each coaching session feeling equipped and capable of taking action. I highly recommend Pubvendo Author Launch to anyone looking for insider tips and efficient ways to market their writing.

Sherry DannerAuthor of "Nurturing the Light Inside: Overcoming Addiction and Codependency on the Path to Self-Love"

As a first-time author, I felt overwhelmed by the idea of marketing my own book (writing it was hard enough!) and so I’m very grateful I happened to stumble upon Pubvendo Author Launch. This hands-on course was easy to follow and taught important information for any author to know. Josh was a great coach who pushed me past my comfort zone and brought in humor when I was weary of trying new things. I am grateful to have discovered a new skill set thanks to Pubvendo Author Launch!

Courtney RammAuthor of "Eris Rising"

It’s so difficult for indie authors to market their work in a world where well over a million new books are being published each year. Without using the right tools, it’s downright impossible. I was lightyears behind in terms of digital marketing until I participated in Pubvendo Author Launch. I learned so much and it’s already paying off. Among other things, I learned how to craft my own creatives using CANVA and use them effectively in Facebook ads and other forums. The coaching sessions were particularly valuable. Josh and Sami are so knowledgeable, patient, and fun to work with that I felt like saying good-bye to old friends at the end.

Dorian BoxAward-winning author of "Psycho-Tropics" and "The Hiding Girl"

As first-time author, I knew very little about how to market a book. Pubvendo’s customized approach on how to optimize marketing for my book was incredibly informative and very comprehensive. As a result of Pubvendo Author Launch I have learned the tools that are crucial to navigating social media and getting the word out about my book. In addition to the videos, the one-on-one coaching sessions are extremely helpful. I feel that Pubvendo’s personalized approach to this kind of training is unlike anything else for new authors!

Rachel GrayFounder of Joy to the Kids and author of "The Bald Princess Discovers Her Superpower"

Seeking a publicist for my newly released book, I sought recommendations from other members of the Authors Guild and hired Pubvendo. As an author with a handle on words, I lack one when it comes to computer speak. With little more than basic computer skills I was delighted to be tapped to try Pubvendo Author Launch. In the process I learned how much I didn't know. Now, armed with their coaching videos, I can successfully do my own social media advertising, create and manage Facebook ads and analyze the results. The Pubvendo team is computer and market savvy. I recommend them no matter your genre.

Pat HoltAuthor of "Empower a Refugee"

I can’t say enough about Pubvendo Author Launch! Josh and his team clearly know what they’re doing and are enthusiastic supporters of authors, books and reading in general. They have deep knowledge of the publishing industry and have designed an actionable program for authors to get their book to the right audience. They have put a lot of thought and care into the program and condensed their vast experience into a series of short, pithy videos with lots of tools and concrete steps for marketing your book. They are smart, savvy and do their work with professionalism and good humor. The program is a great combination of video tutorials, data analysis, hands-on/in person coaching and most importantly unflagging support for authors where no question was too dumb, no fear too silly for them to address. Writing a book is a very different skill than marketing a book. Josh’s team knows both the publishing market and authors themselves and do a brilliant job of bringing the two together to get the most out of your promotional efforts!

Wynn BurkettAuthor of "The Power of Mindful Parenting: A Guide to More Connection and Less Conflict with Your Teen"

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