By Eric Hammel

Two Flags Over Iwo Jima: Solving the Mystery of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Proudest Moment



World War II History

Campaign Strategy

Pubvendo identified during competitive engagement analysis outsized audience interest in historic pictures from World War II. Pubvendo leveraged public domain photos from the Pacific Theater as well as pictures from the book and served social ad creative to an audience with mandatory interests in WWII history, defense institutions and media, and WWII influencers.


Pubvendo’s creative prioritized public domain and book pictures of WWII and particularly the Pacific Theater.


Pubvendo targeted an audience with mandatory interests in WWII, WWII history, defense institutions including the U.S. Navy and U.S. Department of Defense, defense media, and non-fiction books on history.

Earned Digital Media

Pubvendo procured earned digital media coverage from topically relevant niche websites including Marine Corps Gazette, World War II Magazine, and Warfare History Network. Procured earned digital media sources averaged 609k monthly website visits.


Pubvendo achieved an astronomical 81% engagement rate and steeply discounted $0.02 cost per engagement, as well as a 8.84% click-through rate at only $0.07 cost per click. Via social ads alone, Pubvendo drove 13,000+ link-clicks to the Amazon retail page for the book.

By the Numbers

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