By David Margolick

The Promise and the Dream: The Untold Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. And Robert F. Kennedy




Campaign Strategy

Published on the semicentennial anniversaries of 1968 assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, Pubvendo’s campaign strategy for The Promise and the Dream positioned the book with fans of 1960’s American history with interests in MLK and RFK.


Delivered in two phases corresponding to the assassination of MLK and RFK, respectively, Pubvendo’s creative during the MLK phase of the campaign leveraged public domain photos of MLK with inspirational MLK quotes. During the RFK phase of the campaign, Pubvendo leveraged public domain photos of RFK with overlaid quotes. Throughout the campaign and as available, Pubvendo leveraged photos of both figures together or alongside relevant figures including Coretta Scott King and John F. Kennedy.


Pubvendo targeted audience members with interests in 1960’s American history, relevant media including NPR and the New York Times as high-probability interests identified during market analysis, and, of course, interests in Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy.

Earned Digital Media

Pubvendo’s earned digital media campaign targeted websites and virtual communities interested in MLK and/or RFK including the Landmark for Peace Memorial and Kennedy King Memorial Initiative. Notable procured earned digital media included an author op-ed on


Pubvendo’s campaign for The Promise and the Dream resulted in outsized audience engagement at 36% EGR and $0.04 CPE, 14k+ link-clicks to the Amazon retail page at a 6.67% CTR and $0.11 CPC, and 19x ad value to ad spend. The Facebook fan page, created and managed exclusively by Pubvendo for our campaign, is followed by 1,600+ people.

By the Numbers

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