By Becca Stevens

The Heart’s Necessities: A Life in Poetry



Poetry & Inspiration

Campaign Strategy

As a unique coffee table book featuring the poems of Jane Tyson Clement, commentary on the impact of Clement’s poems on her life and music from musician Becca Stevens, and sketches and scrapbook visuals from the editor, Pubvendo adapted the art and poetry from the book with a target audience interested in Christian inspiration, poetry, and analogous music.


Having identified outsized audience engagement in overlaid poetry memes during competitive engagement analysis, Pubvendo adapted the poems and art from the book to highly engageable poetry memes.


Tapping into the ever-growing poetry audience finding new life in the age of social media, Pubvendo targeted an audience with mandatory interests in poetry, analogous poets, music and bands analogous to that of Becca Stevens, inspiration and inspirational quotes, and poetry collections.


Pubvendo achieved a 75.8% non-follower engagement rate at only $0.04 cost per engagement and a 3.41% click-through rate at only $0.27 cost per click, resulting in 3,700+ link-clicks to the Amazon retail page for the book.

By the Numbers

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