By Bob Batchelor

Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel



Biography & Comics

Campaign Strategy

Written by prolific pop culture historian Bob Batchelor, Pubvendo identified during competitive engagement analysis outsized audience interest in vintage comic book covers and “On This Day” comic book facts. Pubvendo’s campaign strategy centered upon these two elements and targeted fans of Marvel Comics and Stan Lee.


Pubvendo’s creative strategy leveraged vintage comic book covers and #OTD facts relevant to selected comic book covers (i.e. Jean Gray’s first appearance as Phoenix in a Marvel Comic).


Pubvendo established a primary audience of fans of biography, Marvel Comics, and Stan Lee, and created multiple sub-audiences based on creative. For example, Pubvendo’s #CyberMonday content featured a vintage comic cover of the first appearance of Cyber (Wolverine’s nemesis) in a Marvel Comic, which ad was served to a sub-audience interested in Wolverine and Cyber.

Earned Digital Media

Notable earned digital media included interest from NY Daily News, SyFy Wire, and Fanboy Nation.


At outsized engagement and click-through rates and low CPE and CPC rates, Pubvendo’s campaign resulted in a weekly sales increase of 1,100%.

By the Numbers

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I am convinced my book would not have been nearly as successful as it was without Pubvendo promoting it. Once they began their campaign, my previously perfectly adequate sales began to skyrocket. The publisher literally could not send inventory to Amazon fast enough. Pubvendo is amazing and easy to work with, and they bring heart, data-intelligence, marketing know-how, and a true love of books to the outstanding work they do for authors. Highly recommended.

Bob BatchelorAuthor, Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel