By Tom Delonge

Poet Anderson …In Darkness



Teen/Young Adult Fantasy

Campaign Strategy

Featuring a lucid-dreaming storyworld and co-written by Blink-182 founder and former front man Tom Delonge, Pubvendo’s campaign strategy leveraged concept art created for the book while targeting fans of lucid-dreaming storyworlds including the film Inception and fans of Tom Delonge, Blink-182, and Angels and Airwaves.


Pubvendo’s creative leveraged concept art developed for the book series and overlaid suspense quotes from the book.


Pubvendo targeted an audience interested in Teen/YA fantasy fiction, lucid dreaming storyworlds (i.e. Inception), and Tom Delonge, Blink-182, and Angels and Airwaves.

Earned Digital Media

Pubvendo’s earned digital media campaign targeted websites publishing content about lucid dreaming as well as Teen/YA fantasy novel review websites.


With attractive creative and granular audience targeting, Pubvendo achieved $0.08 CPE and CPC rates well below benchmark while driving 8,505 link-clicks to the Amazon retail page, resulting in merchandising from Amazon, audience growth, and sales.

By the Numbers

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Pubvendo is the best digital agency in the book business, second to none. We’ve partnered with them to promote a variety of books in diverse genres and have always found them to offer a custom approach with unique creative and audience insights—and spectacular results.

Tom DelongeFounder and former front man of Blink-182
(Quote by Kari DeLonge, Chief Content Officer)