By Mark Lipton

Mean Men: The Perversion of America’s Self-Made Man



Business Leadership & Men’s Gender Studies

Campaign Strategy

As a book exploring the troubling psychology of America’s most famous men including Steve Jobs, Dov Charney, Lance Armstrong, and Donald Trump—men widely respected for their success but known behind closed doors for being mean—Pubvendo positioned Mean Men within the broader national conversation about gender politics and men’s roles in leadership as a solution to many of the issues included in that conversation.


Based on competitive engagement analysis, Pubvendo executed two similar creative strategies: one highlighting pictures of “mean men” (i.e. Roger Ailes, Matt Lauer, etc.) with overlaid quotes drawing attention to their by-then public misbehavior, and another creative strategy highlighting pictures of women with overlaid quotes drawing attention to their experiences as victims of mean men. Upon finding substantially greater audience engagement for the second creative strategy, Pubvendo prioritized the higher performing strategy for the majority of our campaign.


Pubvendo targeted an audience with interests in women’s media, women’s rights movements, and female empowerment influencers. While Pubvendo’s original audience included psychographic interests in business leadership brands including Forbes and Harvard Business Review, audience members with interests in women’s rights media, movement, and influencers substantially outperformed every other psychographic indicator, leading Pubvendo to narrow audience targeting to the audience segments providing the best engagement and click-through.


Pubvendo achieved a 29% engagement rate and 6.35% click-through rate at $0.05 and $0.14 costs per engagement and click, respectively, resulting in 9,700+ link clicks to the Amazon retail page for the book.

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I found Josh and his team extraordinarily accomplished in every facet of their work. They understand the complex subtleties of social media and how to leverage its influence with class and integrity. The campaign they created for me had impact on the target audience in forceful yet positive ways and their keen sense of design and wit became icing on the cake. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Josh and, during the engagement, found that my respect for his mastery of social media marketing for authors had surpassed my already high expectations.

Mark LiptonAuthor, Mean Men