By Peter Tsouris

Major General George H. Sharpe and The Creation of American Military Intelligence in the Civil War



Civil War History & Biography

Campaign Strategy

As a book residing at the intersection of Biography, Civil War History, and the origins of the modern American military intelligence, Pubvendo established a target audience at the intersection of these three psychographic interests.


Pubvendo identified during competitive engagement analysis outsized audience interest in authentic pictures from the Civil War. Pubvendo leveraged public domain photos as well as photos from the book as the center for our creative strategy.


Pubvendo targeted an audience interested in the American Civil War, biographies, analogous Civil War generals and historical figures, and analogous U.S. intelligence brands and organizations.

Earned Digital Media

Pubvendo achieved a 16% conversion rate on earned digital media outreach, resulting in interest from earned digital media sources including The Civil War Monitor, The Journal of Military History, and War History Online, among others. Procured earned digital media sources averaged 784k monthly website visits.


Pubvendo achieved an astronomical 100.5% non-follower engagement rate at only $0.03 cost per engagement while additionally achieving an 8.34% click-through rate at only $0.07 cost per click. By the end of our campaign, Pubvendo drove 13,000+ link-clicks to the Amazon retail page for the book, resulting in awareness, Amazon merchandising, and sales.

By the Numbers

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