By Roy Sekoff

Lacks Self-Control: True Stories I Waited Until My Parents Died to Tell




Campaign Strategy

Penned by the founding editor of The Huffington Post and supported by praise from Larry David (“I’ve read worse”) and others, Pubvendo’s campaign strategy centered on fictional yearbook photos with captions adapted from stories in the book.


Pubvendo’s primary creative strategy featured fictional yearbook photos with captions adapted from stories in the book. Our secondary creative strategy featured pictures of celebrities from stories in the book (i.e. Snoop Dogg smoking weed on HuffPo Live). Expanding further on our yearbook photo strategy, we also developed custom content relevant to stories in the book (i.e. a job flyer for the “Shabat Shiksa” correlating to the eponymous chapter in the book).


Pubvendo targeted an audience interested in Arianna Huffington and The Huffington Post, celebrity endorsers including Larry David, relevant comedians and comedy brands, and, of course, memoirs.


Pubvendo’s social media campaign achieved outsized audience reach due to a high engagement rate and low CPE and CPC rates, resulting in 16k+ link-clicks to the Amazon retail page.

By the Numbers

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Pubvendo brought my book, "Lacks Self Control," to social media life. Not only did they immediately grasp my brand of humor, they also identified and targeted an audience that would appreciate stories about Chevy Chase grabbing my balls at a funeral, Snoop Dogg smoking weed on HuffPost Live, and the time I tried to steal a soiled tissue containing Oprah Winfrey’s tears. As an author, nothing made me happier than seeing a stranger comment: ‘I just bought your book. If it’s even half as funny as your Facebook ads, I’m in for a treat!’

Roy SekoffFounding Editor of the Huffington Post
Author of Lacks Self-Control