By Denise Uwimana

From Red Earth: A Rwandan Story of Healing and Forgiveness



Memoir & Central Africa History

Campaign Strategy

Published to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the 100-day Rwandan genocide, From Red Earth is a memoir from a survivor of the genocide. Pubvendo’s campaign strategy targeted relevant Central African expats and memoir fans with interests in international news services covering the genocide at the time.


Pubvendo’s creative leveraged available photos of the author and Rwanda, upon which Pubvendo overlaid impactful quotes from the book drawing attention to the author’s experiences and her message of forgiveness.


Pubvendo targeted an audience with interests in memoir, Central Africa, relevant Central African cities and media, international news services, and analogous female memoirists including Malala Yousafzai.


Pubvendo achieved a 78.4% non-follower engagement rate at only $0.03 cost per engagement and a 2.55% click-through rate at only $0.25 cost per click, resulting in 3,000+ link-clicks to the Amazon retail page for the book.

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