By Tom Siebel

Digital Transformation: Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction



Business Leadership

Campaign Strategy

Positioned as a book providing prescriptive thought leadership to corporations, governments, and organizations, Pubvendo’s campaign strategy applied a megaphone to visionary silicon valley entrepreneur and business leader Tom Siebel’s message to C-Level executives charged with digitally transforming their organizations—or perishing in a corporate mass extinction. Pubvendo executed an exhaustive display advertising campaign on,,,, and and a social media campaign on LinkedIn and Twitter driving substantial audience traffic to a dedicated book microsite on which Pubvendo pixeled the audience and retargeted website visitors based on top-funnel, mid-funnel, and bottom-funnel conversion behaviors.


Pubvendo’s creative leveraged pictures of Tom Siebel in positions of thought leadership—speaking on conference panels, delivering keynotes, and being interviewed by the press. Pubvendo overlaid 1-2 sentence lines from the book drawing attention to the urgency of digital transformation, benefits to organizations who embrace digital transformation, and consequences for organizations who fail to embrace digital transformation.


Via website display and social media advertising, Pubvendo targeted multiple audience segments comprised of Fortune 1000 C-Level executives, VP’s, and relevant employees and influencers. Pubvendo additionally curated an audience of “book-interested” audience members based on website conversion behaviors, from which Pubvendo targeted a lookalike audience to book-interested audience members.

Earned Digital Media

Pubvendo’s earned digital media campaign targeted websites in business leadership, AI, IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Computing categories and resulted in interest from 40 websites averaging 193k monthly website visits each and 7.7 million monthly website visits total.


Pubvendo’s website display and social media advertising campaign resulted in 34,000+ visits to the book microsite and an 11% conversion rate on the book microsite from an audience of Fortune 1000 C-Level executives, decision makers, and influencers. Digital Transformation is a Wall Street Journal bestseller.