By George Yancy

Backlash: What Happens When We Talk Honestly about Racism in America



Current Events

Campaign Strategy

During competitive engagement analysis Pubvendo identified outsized audience interest in pictures of and inspirational quotes from civil rights leaders. Pubvendo designed highly shareable memes featuring pictures and quotes of civil rights leaders, connecting each quote to a message from the book.


Pubvendo leveraged public domain photos and quotes of civil rights leaders including Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Maya Angelou, and Cornell West. As a secondary creative strategy, Pubvendo overlaid impactful poems relevant to the civil rights movement atop public domain photos from the civil rights movement to drive engagement and audience growth.


Pubvendo targeted an audience interested in relevant civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King Jr., relevant civil rights organizations including Black Lives Matter, and relevant media as identified during market analysis.

Earned Digital Media

Pubvendo procured book reviews and promotions on niche websites publishing content relevant to racism in the United States including Counter Punch and Cassius Life. Procured earned digital media sources averaged about 2 million monthly website visits.


In addition to outsized engagement at 36.9% and click-through to Amazon at 6.5%, Pubvendo achieved significant audience growth during our campaign. Having created Professor Yancy’s social media profiles at the commencement of our campaign and having leveraged key opportunities to join relevant social media conversations on Professor Yancy’s behalf, Pubvendo added 1,400+ Facebook followers and 1,200+ Twitter followers during our campaign.

By the Numbers

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My experience working with Pubvendo was incredibly exciting, expertly instructive, meticulously professional, and profoundly cordial. As someone who isn't savvy regarding marketing, advertising, or Earned Digital Media, I was gently and patiently walked through all of the details planned for my book project. At no point was I left wondering about the handling of book project. Pubvendo works with diligence and a rigorous work ethic that assured me that my project was in the right hands. With each update and follow through on my project, I felt a deep sense of personal appreciation and was made to feel that my project was at the top of their list of priorities. It is without question that I will work with Pubvendo again in the future.

George YancyAuthor, Backlash