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Our team works hard to deliver excellence in all we do and ensure your book reaches the right audience with the right results. Below is our leadership team.

Joshua Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Schwartz is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pubvendo, in which role he is responsible for digital strategy, creative strategy, and campaign execution. A ten year veteran of the publishing industry, he has previously held business development, product development, and innovation roles for publishing services providers including Aptara, Jouve, and Apex CoVantage. Beginning his career in book publishing at the birth of the eBook boom, he has previously developed a variety of digital products and services in eBook promotion and AI-driven digital discovery. He holds a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University where he double majored in American Literature and Psychology, and a master’s degree from Georgetown University where he studied Finance. His favorite books are A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, Lunch Poems by Frank O’Hara, and Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't, by James Collins.

Brandon Schwartz

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Brandon Schwartz joined Pubvendo in 2017 and currently serves as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, in which roles he manages Pubvendo’s market analysis and earned digital media teams while managing Pubvendo’s audience data modeling and automation platform. In addition to Pubvendo, he is currently building a research program to address key challenges facing geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide. Brandon holds bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees from the Pennsylvania State University. His favorite books are American Pastoral by Philip Roth, Letters to a Young Scientist by Edward O. Wilson, and The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

What our clients are saying

Josh Schwartz and Pubvendo displayed a remarkable grasp of big-picture insight and specialized skills to deliver real-world results. Their hyper-customized social media and advertising engaged my core audience of international thriller fans. And their data-driven deep dives uncovered my newest and fastest-growing audience of millennial females. Who knew? They did. More important, now I do too.

Thomas GreaniasNew York Times bestselling author of ten international thrillers,
including the Raising Atlantis trilogy

Pubvendo brought my book, "Lacks Self Control," to social media life. Not only did they immediately grasp my brand of humor, they also identified and targeted an audience that would appreciate stories about Chevy Chase grabbing my balls at a funeral, Snoop Dogg smoking weed on HuffPost Live, and the time I tried to steal a soiled tissue containing Oprah Winfrey’s tears. As an author, nothing made me happier than seeing a stranger comment: ‘I just bought your book. If it’s even half as funny as your Facebook ads, I’m in for a treat!’

Roy SekoffFounding Editor of the Huffington Post, Author of Lacks Self-Control

“I am convinced my book would not have been nearly as successful as it was without Pubvendo promoting it. Once they began their campaign, my previously perfectly adequate sales began to skyrocket. The publisher literally could not send inventory to Amazon fast enough. Pubvendo is amazing and easy to work with, and they bring heart, data-intelligence, marketing know-how, and a true love of books to the outstanding work they do for authors. Highly recommended.”

Bob BatchelorAuthor, Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel

I was delighted to work with Pubvendo on two books, and both campaigns were handled with great professionalism. They know their stuff, and structured our outreach to focus closely on appropriate target audiences for my work. Pubvendo is user friendly, very easy to work with, and able to make complex technical matters easy to understand for authors.”

Chris LowneyAuthor, Everyone Leads

Pubvendo is the best digital agency in the book business, second to none. We’ve partnered with them to promote a variety of books in diverse genres and have always found them to offer a custom approach with unique creative and audience insights—and spectacular results.

Tom DelongeFounder and former front man of Blink-182,
Author of the Poet Anderson and Sekret Machines series
(Quote by Kari DeLonge, Chief Content Officer)

My experience working with Pubvendo was incredibly exciting, expertly instructive, meticulously professional, and profoundly cordial. As someone who isn't savvy regarding marketing, advertising, or Earned Digital Media, I was gently and patiently walked through all of the details planned for my book project. At no point was I left wondering about the handling of book project. Pubvendo works with diligence and a rigorous work ethic that assured me that my project was in the right hands. With each update and follow through on my project, I felt a deep sense of personal appreciation and was made to feel that my project was at the top of their list of priorities. It is without question that I will work with Pubvendo again in the future.

George YancyAuthor, Backlash

I found Josh and his team extraordinarily accomplished in every facet of their work. They understand the complex subtleties of social media and how to leverage its influence with class and integrity. The campaign they created for me had impact on the target audience in forceful yet positive ways and their keen sense of design and wit became icing on the cake. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Josh and, during the engagement, found that my respect for his mastery of social media marketing for authors had surpassed my already high expectations.

Mark LiptonAuthor, Mean Men

Josh runs a tight ship. Right from the start he provided tons of analytics and insights, was fast and responsive, and the whole experience was buttery smooth. I’d hire Pubvendo again in a heartbeat.

Steph PaternotAuthor, A Very Public Offering
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