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Digital literary marketing reinvented, Pubvendo places your book in front of your target audience through highly engageable, high performing social advertising and outreach to large, niche virtual communities. Our Marketing, Advertising & Publicity services are leveraged by the world's largest publishers and New York Times bestselling authors to unlock actionable insights, grow audience, and increase unit sales through data-driven strategy and precision execution.

Our Methodology


Audience Profile
Competitive Analysis
Website Performance
Amazon Analysis
Social Engagement
Messaging Strategy
Publicity Strategy
Advertising Strategy


Website SEO
Amazon SEO
Goodreads SEO
Social Design
Social Optimization


Traditional Media
Niche Websites
Virtual Communities
Radio & Podcasts
Influencer Outreach
Reviewer Outreach


Social Advertising
Audience Growth
Audience Engagement
Influencer Strategy
Hashtag Strategy
Platform Management

Our Results

Utilizing a professional brand marketing technology tool kit, Pubvendo defines through competitive analysis the path to discovery for comparable brands and optimizes author web, social, and retail properties accordingly. Armed with powerful market intelligence, Pubvendo engages potential book buyers where they are and converts them to visitors, followers, and fans.
  • Website Growth

    We build website traffic through SEO keywords and strategic publicity outreach to website referral sources, achieving growth by factors of 100% and 1,000%.

  • Social Reach

    We increase social reach through influencers and trending topics, achieving reach increases by factors of 100%.

  • Social Engagement

    We increase engagement on social media through competitive engagement analysis of comparable brands, achieving engagement increases by factors of 100%.

  • Bestseller Ranking

    We create momentum around a book and watch its Amazon bestseller ranking explode, achieving rankings growth by factors of 100% and 1,000%.

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